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Unveiling a New Chapter




We are in the midst of celebrating an exciting moment in the College’s history as we return our name to Holy Family College – a name which speaks to our foundation of faith, family and academic excellence. We are convinced, by highlighting our identity as a Franciscan Catholic College, and returning to our roots as an institution which leads with faith in everything we do, this is our best strategy to sustain a thriving future. 

This decision was reached from two powerful perspectives. The first is from a faith perspective. God is calling us to make a difference in the world by educating and preparing students for a purposeful life. Focusing on our niche, while assisting our students to understand their relationship with God through a quality liberal arts education, will only strengthen the College’s identity. 

The second perspective driving this change is from a business strategy mindset. There is a market of prospective students who desire a faith-filled college experience. Institutions leading with faith and making it a primary piece of how they help students prepare for their future are thriving. By focusing on our ability to guide students in their faith journey, in addition to their academic and career preparation, is where we will have a competitive advantage. 

As we embark on phase one of this process, we are asking for your continued support to implement the immediate changes needed. Make sure you send us your thoughts about this transition as we would love to hear from you! 

Peace and All Good,

Robert B. Callahan, Ph.D.
President, Holy Family College

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Our Franciscan Values

The roots of Holy Family College were planted by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and rests upon the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition. Franciscan values, which are Gospel centered, are the College’s underlying principles.

These central values of Franciscanism are Community, Compassion, Peacemaking, and Reverence for Creation.

How You Can Help

Your gift will provide Holy Family College with the opportunity for a strong and thriving future as we recommit our College to the work we were founded to do. Your gift and our success together, will create our Phase I campaign “Revitalizing Holy Family College” the foundation for our College to answer God’s calling in serving our students, our community and beyond. If you are interested supporting the College’s mission, contact Tracy Milkowski, Vice President for Advancement & External Relations by completing the form below, emailing tracy.milkowski@holyfamilycollege.edu, or calling 920-686-6176.